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Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company - Defy convention

Welcome to Woolly Mammoth's


If you've seen something on the Woolly stage that caught your eye, check out what's for sale, including set pieces, furniture and props that have starred in our productions. KEEP CHECKING BACK — there is always a new show and a new pile of stuff that we can’t keep!

TO PURCHASE: please contact Jenn Sheetz and specify which item you would like. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. All sales are via check or Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard or American Express. We do not provide shipping, so you must come to Woolly Mammoth (641 D Street, NW) to pick up any items.

We will keep the list as updated as possible as more items become available so remember to check back periodically. Thank you for shopping Woolly!


Sheep $75
Originally from Civilization: All You Can Eat and reupholstered for the American Utopias lobby. Very soft!

Bear $50
Was asking for hugs in the American Utopias lobby

Crate and Barrel chair $75 (originally $199)
Slightly used in American Utopias

Tea Cups $2 each or set for $8

Toy Ambulance $15
Lights up, makes siren noises, and moves back and forth.  Pretty awesome toy!

Set of White Bowls: $2 each or $5 for set

Fabulous Luggage set $25 (originally $50)

Set of Red Bowls $2 each, or set for $10

Remote Control Cop Cars $15 each
They light up and make siren sounds. 

Set of Dishes  $10 for all 5 dishes, two bowls, two tea cups, one plate

Artist Mannequins $5 large (10” tall)  $3 small (6” tall)
They are movable and are painted black.

Eiffel Tower 3D puzzle $10 (originally $25)
Crazy 3 D puzzle, very challenging!

NYC taxi cabs $15 large; $10
Small Diecast taxicab models, doors and trunk opens up.

Pig Noses! $5
Great disguise!


Swizzle Red Bar Stools ($75 pair or $40 each)
Hydraulic pole and lever to adjust to perfect height, can adjust from 24 to 31 inches. Allows for 360-degree swivel. These chrome-based stools were used in You for Me for You.

Matching Chair and Stool ($45 pair, $30 for stool, $25 for chair)
Upholstered in turquoise vinyl. From You for Me for You.

Swivel office chair ($25)
From You for Me for You. Upholsteredin a fun and bright pink floral pattern.

Child’s sized baby buggy ($50)
Actual antique from In the Next Room or the vibrator play. Painted white.

Table Set- table and 2 chairs ($100 without cushions, $120 with cushions)
Small table set from You for Me for You. Dark Tobacco Hardwood. Expandable and includes storage space under the table top.

Grey Accent/Dining chair ($25)
Original grey velvet upholstery. In excellent condition.

Lounge chairs: $100 for set of 2

Black leather low chairs from Bootycandy, surprisingly comfortable.
Bar Table: $60 (originally $119)
Table from Bootycandy is 23” in diameter and 43” tall.
Adjustable bar tables: $60 each (originally $110)
Table from Bootycandy is 24” in diameter.  Adjusts from 26” tall to 41”. Table top is black finish on wood.

Wash stand ($60)
Victorian wash stand from In the Next Room or the vibrator play. Has a white wash of paint on it.

Stained chairs (set: $40)
set of two chairs from In the Next Room or the vibrator play.
Still have original stain.

Small Square table ($50)
from In the Next Room or the vibrator play
17”w x 17”d x 27”t
Has been stripped, ready to be stained.

Carousel horse ($500 FIRM)
Last seen in House of Gold, life sized carousel horse.
Very patriotic with the American flag.

Tea Cart ($80)
smart modern tea cart was used for rehearsals for Fever Dream, but didn’t quite make it in the show.

Pink Props from House of Gold

Bean Bag Chair ($50)
Soft and comfy care bear bean bag

Two Pink Pillows ($10 each or $15 for pair)
large hot pink pillows

Bedtime Care Bear ($20)
So huggable!

Bistro Tables ($50 each)
Four matching chrome bistro tables from Fever/Dream.
Wall hanging from The Unmentionables Wicker vase ($10)
From The Unmentionables. Approximately three ft. tall.
Craft table from "The Faculty Room"
Swivel Stool ($50);

from Stunning.

Acrylic, adjustable swivel stool.


+Suits Worn by Bill Basil in Fever/Dream ($75 each)


Pin Striped Suit
Austin Reed
Jacket Size: 46L
Pants Size: 41W

Pin Striped Suit
Louis Dell’Olio
Jacket Size: 46L
Pants Size: 41W

Aqua Dress Wooden Stool from Full Circle ($25)